KMiata Air Conditioning Kit (Version 2)

KMiata Air Conditioning Kit (Version 2)
KMiata Air Conditioning Kit (Version 2)

KMiata Air Conditioning Kit (Version 2)

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Our A/C kit has been enhanced! Thanks to our new KMiata intake manifold, the factory K series auto tensioner and idler pulley are now compatible with our engine swaps. Because of this, we were able to delete the manual tensioner from our A/C kit and offer a fixed compressor bracket. 

The belt routing is now identical to OEM, making installation and adjustment even easier. Aside from this change, all hose routing and wiring is identical, and our installation guide will be updated soon. 

Since it’s initial release, our A/C kit has been the most comprehensive on the market for any Miata engine swap, as it includes every single custom line and fitting that’s needed for a clean installation. No cutting, crimping, or brazing fittings on your old stock lines. We give you all new parts, fully assembled hoses, and detailed installation instructions.

The K series A/C compressor doesn’t fit above the Miata steering rack, so our kit incorporates a smaller universal compressor and a custom bracket for an easy and clean installation.

This kit includes the following items:

  • 86” rubber hose with #10 fittings and charge port
  • 57” rubber hose with one #8 fitting, one machined fitting, and pressure switch port
  • 18” rubber hose with one #6 fitting and one machined fitting
  • Aluminum hard line with fittings and charge port
  • Machined aluminum compressor manifold with hardware
  • GM pressure switch with pigtail
  • Set of two powder coated steel compressor brackets
  • Accessory belt
  • Hardware kit
  • Installation instructions

In addition to these items, you’ll need a universal compressor (part #CO 7176C), a 1990-2000 Miata evaporator, and a 2001-2005 Miata condenser. Check out our installation guide for details on why these specific parts are used, as well as installation details. We also show you exactly what changes need to be made to Kpro or KTuner so everything operates like stock. 

Note: K24Z3 users can use the tensioner and idler pulley included on their engine. Customers with early K24A2 engines will need to add the Honda EP3 style idler pulley (31190-RRA-A00), bracket (31175-PRA-000), bearing cover (31185-PCX-003), and bolt (90031-PRA-000).

Download installation instructions here

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