About Us

In 2014 we released the original K series Miata engine conversion. At the time, we didn’t expect to shake up the industry as much as we did. But now just a few years later, K powered Miatas are dominating in club racing all across the globe. Simultaneously, hundreds of other customers are enjoying fast, well-sorted, and reliable daily drivers, track toys, and wild turbocharged builds. 

While our K24 Miata swaps have been a smashing success, we quickly noticed another trend: we were receiving constant orders of individual parts from customers looking to build their own custom RWD K series creations. 

This ultimately prompted us to evolve KMiata into KPower Industries in 2020, with the debut of our KPower BMW E30 swap package.

However, this is just the beginning. After a recent move into a much larger facility, more staff, and additional CNC machines, the KPower team is poised to keep pushing the envelope of the K series platform, and far beyond. 

When you purchase a KPower product, you're receiving the highest quality components that have been designed and tested in the harshest environments. Our products are for customers looking for the BEST for their builds with zero compromises. Most items proudly made in the USA and are machined or fabricated in-house in our Wauconda, IL facility. Want to learn more? Click here.

Thank you for choosing KPower Industries, we look forward to partnering with you to make your automotive dreams come true!