Turn Key Swaps

KPower Industries now offers turn-key installations of our popular engine swaps!

Aside from our network of dealers and installers, we are now taking on limited builds in our shop, right where our products are designed and manufactured. Our goal is to make our K swaps accessible to customers who may not have the skills or desire to complete the swap themselves.

Our pricing is simple: we offer a flat installation fee for each chassis for a stock K24 engine swap. Labor includes installing our full OEM parts package onto a clean, leakdown tested used JDM engine, as well as a new clutch of your choice.

Labor pricing does not include an alignment, custom exhaust fabrication, dyno tuning, engine building, or other upgrades as requested by the customer. Before bringing KPower a vehicle, a detailed list will be identified so parts can be ordered and an invoice created.

One master tech will be assigned to your build from start to finish, and each build includes a custom tailored startup map so the car can be safely street driven to a dyno. 

At this time we are strictly installing engine swap packages, so we are not installing brake kits, coilovers, wheels, or other modifications that support your swap.

Interested in a consultation or scheduling an installation? Contact us at 847-865-5739 or info@kpower.industries

Flat pricing on labor only is as follows:

BRZ, FR-S, 86 with Haltech Elite 1500: $2950.00

NA Miata, with Haltech Elite 1500 ECU, drive-by-wire, and supporting electronics: $4950.00

NB Miata, with Haltech Elite 1500 ECU, drive-by-wire, and supporting electronics: $4450.00

NC Miata with Haltech Elite 1500 (coming in 2024) $2950.00

E30 with Hondata Kpro4: $4450.00



KPower reserves the right to deny performing a swap on heavily modified vehicles, or vehicles with modified factory wiring harnesses or other electronic components installed. The closer to stock your original drivetrain and chassis are, the better. 

Please budget for additional labor for A/C and power steering installation on NA/NB and E30 cars.