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Here's our turbo K20 development car. It's a 100% stock K20Z1 engine at 18 psi, backed with a ZF 6-speed trans and Getrag 3.42 differential

 Speed Academy reviews Lander's K24A2 Miata

BMW transmission installation guide from TheCarPassionChannel

K24 powered ST3 race car in action. 221whp and 2100 lb. race weight

K24 swap with BMW ZF 5-speed transmission testing at Gingerman Raceway

On board the KMiata test car at Miatas at MRLS 2015

 KMiata and K24-swapped Civic playing tag at Mid-Ohio, CarFest 2016


K24A2 Engine Prep Tutorial


Josh's K24 Miata drift car - Stock TSX engine with bolt-ons and tune making 225whp and 180wtq