K24 Billet Aluminum Engine Mount Set

K24 Billet Aluminum Engine Mount Set

K24 Billet Aluminum Engine Mount Set

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This set of K24 engine mounts is standard in our K24Z3 swap packages, and allows a K24 to be bolted into a stock NA/NB Miata subframe. The mounts must be paired with our K24Z3 oil pan as well. 

This mount set adapts two Energy Suspension GM style mount pads to the sides of the K24 engine, and then uses the two supplied mounting blocks to secure the mount pads to the Miata subframe. 

A K24Z3 oil filter blockoff plate is also integrated into this mount set, as the oil filter needs to be relocated to the older K24A location below the VTEC solenoid. All parts needed to install a K20 oil pump and relocate the filter are included in our K20 pump kit for the K24Z3. 

These mounts are not compatible with our standard K24A2 swap with the tubular subframe due to the required exhaust header clearance. However, they could be used for a turbo K24A2 swap in a stock subframe, since a 3" downpipe could be made to clear. Due to popular request, we offer the option to choose a K24A2-specific lower plate, as the filter relocation is not needed. 

Lastly, since this mount set can easily be used in a variety of custom RWD applications, we offer an option to delete the two Miata-specific subframe mounting blocks from this kit. Customers can use some 1/2" ID tubing to build a custom mount provision and attach these mounts to any other chassis. 

All mounting hardware is included (grade 8.8 or better) as well as the necessary O-rings for the oil filter relocation.

Note: these mounts will NOT fit a K20A2, K20Z1, or K24A1 engine block. However, the K24Z7 from the 9th gen Civic Si is compatible. 

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