K24Z Hybrid Timing Chain Cover
K24Z Hybrid Timing Chain Cover
K24Z Hybrid Timing Chain Cover

K24Z Hybrid Timing Chain Cover

K24Z Hybrid Timing Chain Cover

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Our KPower cast aluminum timing chain cover for K24Z engines unlocks the potential of the 2009-2014 TSX (K24Z3) and 2012-2015 Civic Si (K24Z7) engines for swapped vehicles. 

This cover is a direct replacement for the OEM K24Z part, but it has a provision for a K20A/K24A crank position sensor. This hybrid cover allows you to run a K24Z engine in any K swapped vehicle running Hondata Kpro or KTuner without needing to deal with the newer style crank trigger wheel and the immobilizers in the new ECUs. 

Since the rest of the K24A sensors can swap onto a K24Z engine, this cover provides the final piece of the puzzle to take advantage of the huge number of cheap used K24Z engines available. 

Best of all, this cover is available in two configurations: the standard option is for a full K24Z engine with the factory R40 head, but we’ve also created a variation that allows the older four exhaust port traditional K series heads to be mated to a K24Z block. A PRB, RBB, or RBC head can now easily be installed on a K24Z engine, unlocking the potential of the K24Z bottom ends for many applications.

The K24Z engines have the highest compression pistons (11:1) and strongest rods of any K24 block, so we’re excited to bring this new engine block option to the K swap community.

This cover includes a new crank seal, new O-ring, new lower OEM lower shoulder bolts, and a full replacement bolt set (M6 and M10). Customers using this cover in a FWD application will need to also add a set of spacers so the factory FWD engine mount bracket can be bolted on with the factory M10 bolts. 


If using this cover with Hondata Kpro, customers will need to pair this cover with the following Honda parts:

Crankshaft pulse plate: 13622-PNA-003

Crankshaft position sensor: 37500-RAA-A01 (K24 style) or 37500-PNB-003 (K20 style)

Exhaust camshaft pulse plate: 14114-PNA-003

For other sensor and connector differences between the K24A and K24Z, please see our K24Z3 Miata Installation Guide.

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