KMiata Flywheel (version 2)

KMiata Flywheel (version 2)
KMiata Flywheel (version 2)

KMiata Flywheel (version 2)

Regular price $ 839.00

Our unique flywheel is machined out of 6061 aluminum, and is designed to fit perfectly inside our engine/trans adapter plate.  

It works in conjunction with any OEM K series starter and any 1.8L Miata clutch kit.   Weight is about 13.5 lbs., compared to an OEM TSX flywheel at over 18 lbs, or an OEM 1.8 Miata flywheel coming in at over 20 lbs.  The flywheel also includes a pilot bearing pre-installed, as well as all necessary pressure plate bolts. 

Our version 2 flywheel retains all of the same geometry as our previous flywheel, but now features more shallow counterbores for the flywheel bolts, as well as a thicker center hub. This makes installation even easier and provides additional strength.

Because of this, version 2 flywheels require longer flywheel bolts. Honda/Acura part #90011-RDB-000 must be used with this flywheel, no exceptions. They can be ordered here.

We also recommend pairing this flywheel with an ACT HD Organic Street Clutch, or a comparable clutch that can handle K series torque.  

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