Ultimate K24A2 Miata Swap Package V2


$ 5,995.00
Ultimate K24A2 Miata Swap Package V2

Please note that due to high demand, we are currently experiencing an approximate 45-60 day lead time on this swap package. All orders are shipped on a first come, first serve basis. We appreciate your patience!

NEW as of Summer 2021: Our Version 2 Ultimate Package includes the following enhancements:

-V2 billet machined engine mounts

-V2 subframe in smoke gray, with new mount provisions

-The option to run rubber or poly engine mounts

-Acuity TPS and TPS adapter are now standard

-Our billet throttle cable pulley is now standard

-A 1320mm accessory belt is included to pair with an EP3 idler pulley and stock belt tensioner


This package is designed to install a 2004-2008 Acura TSX engine (K24A2) in your NA or NB Miata, and take the guesswork and parts hunting out of the equation. 

Most customers see 220+ whp and 180 wtq N/A from stock K24A2 engine swaps, with lots more N/A power potential from the K series platform.

With our KMiata engine swap package, we don't compromise performance. Specifically, our kit:

  • Retains OEM Miata steering geometry
  • Drops weight from the front of the vehicle
  • Can handle all the road racing abuse you can give it

Download installation instructions here

This V2 Ultimate swap package includes:

-K series to Miata transmission adapter plate

-K series to Miata flywheel

-Machined V2 engine mounts

-Tubular V2 subframe

-Engine mount pads

-Baffled aluminum oil pan with pickup tube

-KPower K20 oil pump adapter

-KPower RWD intake manifold

-Intake manifold gasket and hardware

-74mm throttle body and cable bracket

-Wiring conversion harness compatible with Hondata Kpro

-K24A2 upper coolant neck

-Slim flywheel dust cover

-1320mm serpentine belt

-Stainless steel 4-2-1 race header

-NEW Acuity Hall Effect TPS

-NEW machined TPS adapter

-NEW upgraded billet throttle cable wheel

Doing a K24 swap in an NA? The K20 clears the stock hood, but a K24 is about a half inch too tall. Add one of our modified valve covers to your order to fit the K24 under your factory hood.

Note: The polyurethane engine mounts included in this kit are performance-oriented and designed to limit engine movement. The additional stiffness may result in an increase in NVH (noise, vibration, harshness), but can withstand years of hard driving as a result.

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