K24A2 Engine Sensor Package

K24A2 Engine Sensor Package

Add Denso alternator?
Regular price $ 1,179.00

We have installed a ton of engines in cars and one thing we hate is diagnosing bad electronics on a used engine! If you are not a gambling person, we have a solution for you. This list of sensors and solenoids is exactly what we install on every shop car we build. 

This package combines OEM Honda parts and some sensors we source directly from the OE supplier to save you money. 

 When combined with our K24A2 OEM parts package, your swap will be like new, with new OEM Honda reliability.

We have conveniently optioned the alternator for those doing a USDM water pump housing conversion.

Parts include:

  • K20 50 degree VTC Solenoid (OEM)
  • VTEC solenoid (OEM)
  • MAP Sensor (Denso)
  • Ignition coils (Denso, set of four)
  • K24 crank sensor (NTK)
  • Camshaft position sensor pair (NTK, right angle version)
  • Intake air temperature sensor (NTK)
  • K24A2 rear main seal (OEM)
  • Water pump housing O-ring (OEM)
  • Thermostat case seal (OEM)
  • ECT sensor (Delphi)
  • Optional USDM K24A2 Alternator (Denso)

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