KPower 86 Fuel Pump Relay
KPower 86 Fuel Pump Relay

KPower 86 Fuel Pump Relay

KPower 86 Fuel Pump Relay

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As of November 2022, all 86 Fuel Kits ship with this fuel pump relay kit. If you have an older kit, this is an easy addition.

Our original wiring simply deleted the OEM 86 fuel pump ECU. While that works fine, it does keep the fuel pump running when the ignition is on but the engine is off. With this relay, the fuel pump primes for five seconds and then shuts off, just like stock. 

See our most recent KPower 86 instructions for installation details. 

Note: if you have an early V1 or V2 ECU board in your car, this relay will not work as-is. You will need to upgrade to a V3 board. If you are unsure which board you have, remove it from the ECU case. If it is not marked V3, you'll need a replacement board, so please contact us to upgrade!

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