KPower RWD Engine Wiring Harness

KPower RWD Engine Wiring Harness
KPower RWD Engine Wiring Harness

KPower RWD Engine Wiring Harness

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Our K24Z3 and K24A2 spec engine wiring harness offers our customers with the simplest, cleanest engine wiring harness solution for their KPower engine swaps, including the Miata, E30, and most other RWD applications.

The wiring harness included in our swap packages is a conversion harness only, meaning they are designed to adapt an OEM Honda engine harness to your Miata or E30 dash harness. This harness does NOT replace the required conversion harness.

This harness is designed to replace the OEM engine harness and is pinned the same as an 2002-2004 Acura RSX engine harness, which is required for vehicles running Hondata Kpro4. The largest benefit is to our K24Z3 swap customers, as this harness can be ordered with ALL K24Z3 sensor connectors for a 100% plug and play solution.

Note that Kpro is the only plug and play engine management option for this harness.

This harness is also packed with the following features:

  • Built from 100% new components, including OEM connectors and teflon coated wires in OEM colors that are rated to 200° C. 
  • All wire lengths are specific to the RWD Miata platform. All other aftermarket harnesses have lengths for FWD vehicles that don’t fit quite right in a RWD engine bay.
  • Correct MAP, TPS, and IAT wiring lengths are provided so no jumper harnesses are needed when using a RWD intake manifold.
  • A K24A2 style crank sensor connector for the front timing chain cover is standard for both the K24A2 and K24Z3
  • K series TPS connector is standard for the Acuity Hall Effect TPS.
  • No K series transmission connectors are included for the cleanest possible installation.
  • OEM injectors connectors are standard (K24A2 or K24Z3 style) or others can be special ordered.
  • The knock sensor, starter solenoid, and alternator control plug are all included in this engine harness instead of being integrated into the OEM charge harness.
  • All connectors are labeled for easy identification.

When this harness is used, your charge harness wiring is simplified as well. Just run the Miata starter wire directly to the K series starter, and jump a power wire from the starter to the alternator. 

At this time we are not offering any custom configurations aside from injector choice. Any injector connector other than OEM is not a stock item and is built to order, so please allow for a 30-60 day lead time if you choose this option. 

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