KMiata All-In-One Swap Wiring Harness

KMiata All-In-One Swap Wiring Harness
KMiata All-In-One Swap Wiring Harness

KMiata All-In-One Swap Wiring Harness

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Regular price $ 2,095.00

COMING SOON, available for order Fall of 2022

Our new all-in-one engine and conversion harness streamlines and transforms the way K swaps are wired in the NA and NB Miata chassis. There are so many features and possible configurations packed into this new harness. Most notably:

-Compatible with a new ECU option: a Haltech Elite 1500

-Available for both cable and drive-by-wire throttle

-Multiple injector subharnesses available for any application

-Built-in fuse and relay box for simple, straightforward, and reliable wiring

-No more dash removal! The supplied sub-harness needs to be spliced to the gauge cluster pins, and one fuel pump wire run to the tank, but the dash can now remain in the vehicle

-Motorsports grade construction. 100% brand new connectors, Teflon coated wire, and Raychem DR-25 loom

-Haltech harnesses are pre-wired for the Bosch oil pressure and temperature sensor and CAN wideband controller

-Pre-wired for A/C, radiator fans, and flex fuel

-Configurations available for both K24A and K24Z sensors


This harness replaces the original Kconversion harness, as well as the OEM engine harness (or KPower RWD harness). 

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