KPower 86 Header and Midpipe

KPower 86 Header and Midpipe
KPower 86 Header and Midpipe

KPower 86 Header and Midpipe

Regular price $ 949.00

Our K24 86 swap header maximizes the space available in the engine bay and provides the best all-around header for both stock and modified engines.

It’s built from 304 stainless steel and features a 4-2-1 runner design, with proper 1-4 and 2-3 cylinder pairing. Thanks to the width of the engine bay, runner lengths and diameters have been optimized for both peak and midrange horsepower and torque. Due to these dimensions, this is the best performing header out of our entire lineup. 

The header terminates with a three-bolt flange, which transitions to a small 3” midpipe section that fits around the lowered transmission. It also includes a port for the Haltech CAN wideband and then ends with a two-bolt 3” universal exhaust flange in the exact location as the stock midpipe. Pair up our midpipe with any aftermarket 3” 86 exhaust for a straightforward exhaust solution.

All necessary hardware is included.

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