3" Race Exhaust System for NA/NB Miata

3" Race Exhaust System for NA/NB Miata

3" Race Exhaust System for NA/NB Miata

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Our stainless 3 inch exhaust system is the perfect addition to your K swapped Miata race car. It includes a resonator, straight-through oval muffler, the necessary hangers, center clamp, and all gaskets and hardware. Sound clips coming soon!

It is specifically design to bolt directly to the K24Z3 downpipe. Customers using one of our 4-2-1 Race headers on a K24A engine should also add our midpipe with flex coupler to their order. 

This exhaust is for off-road use only, as it does not include a catalytic converter.

Note: since this system routes the exhaust in the same location as the factory exhaust, it is only compatible with NA and NB Miatas with the factory Miata transmission and differential. It is not compatible with vehicles running a BMW transmission or Getrag differential. It is also not compatible with the early NA four bolt axles. If we designed it to fit any or all of these combinations, ground clearance would have needed to be sacrificed, which is not ideal in a racing exhaust. 


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