K20 Oil Pump Upgrade for K24Z3
K20 Oil Pump Upgrade for K24Z3
K20 Oil Pump Upgrade for K24Z3

K20 Oil Pump Upgrade for K24Z3

K20 Oil Pump Upgrade for K24Z3

Add oil filter block-off?
Regular price $ 499.00

Now includes our NEW laser cut windage tray instead of a modified OEM tray!

This upgrade includes all necessary parts to install a K20 Type S oil pump onto a K24Z3 or K24Z7 engine. It also relocates the oil filter to the older K24A oil filter position, which is necessary for clearance in a Miata chassis. These parts are required to do a K24Z3 swap in a Miata, the original K24Z3 oil pump is not compatible.

This package includes the following carefully selected OEM and aftermarket components for a bolt-on installation:

  • OEM K20 Type S oil pump, machined for K24 block fitment
  • Laser cut and bent windage tray to provide correct bolt hole positions and clearance for the K24Z rods and block
  • Machined aluminum oil pump bracket with dowels
  • Oil pump chain
  • Oil pump chain tensioner
  • Oil pump chain guide
  • Oil filter threaded port
  • All necessary hardware
  • Optional filter block off plate (already included in our K24Z3 swap kits)

 If you're using this kit in a Miata, there's no need to add the block off plate. If you're using this kit for another application that does not use our K24Z3 Miata mounts, you will need to add this plate. 

Download installation instructions here

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