Radium Engineering Single Pump Fuel Surge Tank

Radium Engineering Single Pump Fuel Surge Tank

Radium Engineering Single Pump Fuel Surge Tank

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A fuel surge tank (FST) is designed to prevent starvation to the engine on vehicles with inadequate fuel tank baffling. The surge tank also provides a quick and easy way to upgade any standard fuel system without the need to modify the stock fuel tank or pump. It is also an excellent fueling solution for vehicles installing large fuel demand power upgrades such as forced induction.

The volume of fuel inside the surge tank acts as a buffer to always keep the FST pump supplied with fuel. This volume is maintained by the main fuel tank's pump as well as the fuel returning from the fuel pressure regulator. Excess fuel in the surge tank is returned back to the vehicle's main fuel tank.

The stainless electrical studs easily handle the high current demand that compact multi-pin bulkhead connectors lack. These serviceable connections are hermetically sealed and impervious to all standard and exotic fuels. Non conductive anodized aluminum acorn nuts are provided to prevent any accidental short circuiting. Electrical hardware is included for the fuel pump. Furthermore, the in-tank wiring is insulated with high quality chemically resistant ETFE. Relay kits, such as 17-0031, are recommended to drive these new internal fuel pump.

  • Compatible Fuel Pumps
    • Walbro F90000267
    • Walbro F90000274
    • Walbro F90000285
    • Walbro F90000295
    • Walbro GSS342
    • AEM 50-1000
    • AEM 50-1200
    • AEM 50-1220
    • Bosch BR540
    • Deatschwerks DW400
    • Deatschwerks DW440 (brushless)
    • Protec 11928 (brushless)
    • Fuelab 49614 (brushless)
    • Ti Automotive E5LM (brushless)

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - Extruded anodized aluminum 1.5 liter canister
  • 1 - Set of removeable O-ring sealed billet aluminum caps
  • 1 - Set of 6AN O-ring fittings
  • 1 - Set of corrosive resistant stainless steel hardware
  • 1 - Set of stainless clamps for 39-45mm diameter pumps
  • Plug and Play pump wiring
  • 1 - Set of pre fuel pump sock filters


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