Modified K24 Valve Cover for NA Hood
Modified K24 Valve Cover for NA Hood
Modified K24 Valve Cover for NA Hood

Modified K24 Valve Cover for NA Hood

Modified K24 Valve Cover for NA Hood

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If you’re swapping a K24 into your NA Miata (1990-1997) and would like to retain your factory hood, our new modified valve cover is a must.

Before we built these covers, either an aftermarket hood was needed, or a small cutout had to be made in the hood skin. With this cover, your K24 will fit under the stock hood skin with some trimming of the hood skeleton, but the externally the hood will remain intact, leaving you with the same factory look as before.

Our valve covers begin as either new or used cores. First we machine the front edge down to a very specific profile that gives enough clearance for the timing chain and guide, yet clears the hood skin.

Next, a laser cut aluminum plate is welded over the cut section, and then ground smooth.

Once this is done, the covers are all hot tanked, stripped of all paint, blasted, and powder coated with a factory Honda wrinkle red or black coating that is attractive and extremely durable. The cover is then thoroughly cleaned again to remove any debris, and the text has the coating ground off to for that distinct OEM Honda look.

If you’d like us to supply you with a new valve cover gasket and spark plug tube seals, those can be added to your order as well.

This valve cover must be paired with the smaller upper timing chain guide from the early K series engines, part number 14540-PRB-A01. The newer chain guides are too large and the cover will not fit.

PLEASE READ: If you’d like your order to ship BEFORE we receive your core, please add the core charge to your order ($150). It will immediately be refunded when your undamaged core arrives to us.

If you do not add the core charge to your order, please ship your cover to us ASAP as we will not ship your order until we receive it. Please put your name, address, phone number, and order number in the box with your cover before shipping!

We cannot accept cores that were previously powder coated! Paint is okay, but powder coat is much more time consuming to strip.

Since this is a new product and we have various options, we cannot always guarantee we will have the cover of your choice in stock. Please allow a 2-3 week lead time, or email us prior to ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My hood still touches even with this valve cover installed. What's the best solution? Even with this cover installed, hood clearance is still extremely tight. Generally this is not a problem, but every chassis is different. Because of this, we had a handful of customers desiring a bit more hood clearance than this valve cover provides so we now offer 3/8" spacers to drop the subframe and engine down a bit more to provide additional clearance. Read more about them and order them here.


Can I get a custom color?  Sorry, since we do not do the powder coating in house, we do not offer custom colors. We offer an uncoated option so customers can have custom colors done themselves.

Can I have my exact valve cover back?  It’s too hard to keep track of which specific cover belongs to whom throughout the entire process so you will most likely receive a different cover. If you’re looking for a specific feature (for example, text that says “Honda” vs. “Honda Motor Co.”) please put that in the special instructions and we’ll accommodate it if possible.

Can I send in my K-Tuned valve cover to be modified?  At this time we are not modifying any aftermarket covers, mainly for the reasons above.

Will you weld on AN bungs for my catch can?  We aren’t offering this service, so your best option would be to order the uncoated cover and then modify it any way you like.

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