Midpipe with Flex for K24A2 Miata Swap

Midpipe with Flex for K24A2 Miata Swap

Midpipe with Flex for K24A2 Miata Swap

Regular price $ 250.00 Sale price $ 200.00 Save $ 50

This 304 stainless midpipe is the easy solution for a complete bolt-in 3" exhaust for our customers with K24A2 swaps in their NA and NB Miatas.

This midpipe bridges the gap between our 4-2-1 Race Header and our 3" Race Exhaust System, and it also adds the necessary flex coupling along the way. 

Just use the V-band clamp included with your header, as well as the hardware and gasket included with your exhaust system and you're good to go.

Note that our V2 subframe and engine mounts require a slightly different shape midpipe, so please be sure to select the correct option when ordering:

Version 1: original KMiata steel engine mounts (2014 to spring 2021)

Version 2: V2 billet mounts (2021 to present)

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