Miata Hydraulic Release Bearing


$ 379.00
Miata Hydraulic Release Bearing

The idea for our NA/NB Miata hydraulic release bearing was born out of necessity. The stock Miata slave cylinder interfered with the 3 inch downpipe from our K24Z3 swap that runs along the right side of the transmission. This part was our solution to delete the stock slave, clutch fork, and release bearing and provide the necessary exhaust clearance. However, other benefits were immediately apparent:

-The often faulty slave cylinder is eliminated

-No more bent clutch release forks

-No more failing stock release bearings

-Less pedal effort is required to operate heavy duty clutches

-A more linear clutch engagement is achieved over the stock system

-K24A2 swapped cars eliminate the slave cylinder near the exhaust that can cause clutch fluid overheating in hot endurance racing environments


This product was designed in partnership with Quarter Master and is based on their 740 series release bearing. This is a proven system that we adapted to the Miata bellhousing. We've had test pieces running in two endurance race cars with fantastic results, and we're confident that many Miata racers will want to upgrade to this setup.

This kit includes the bearing, piston, housing, new hardware, new gasket (5-speed only), new Mazda seal, and a clutch bleeder and line. This bearing must be paired with any 3/4" master cylinder, like the Wilwood kit available here. The factory Miata 5/8" does not move enough fluid to provide full clutch engagement. 

Installation instructions can be found in our K24Z3 swap installation guide

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