KPower 86 Swap Oil Pan
KPower 86 Swap Oil Pan
KPower 86 Swap Oil Pan

KPower 86 Swap Oil Pan

KPower 86 Swap Oil Pan

Regular price $ 799.00

Due to current demand, please allow roughly 45 days for delivery!

Built out of .100” thick aluminum and tig welded inside and out, our road race oil pan is the answer for your K24 86 swap. 

Our oil pan offers some major advantages over any other oil pan solution available. Specifically:

  • The pan clears the stock subframe without any modification.
  • It includes thoroughly tested oil baffling for all road race and drift applications.
  • The pan fits above the stock 86 undertray with room to spare.
  • An entire K20 oil pump and pickup assembly can be used. No need to use an oil pump adapter and modified pickup tube like other swaps!
  • The factory K24 A/C compressor fits on the block in the stock location without modification.
  • The drain plug is in the factory 86 location, accessible through the stock undertray window. 

Note that an OEM K20 oil pump must be used in conjunction with this pan. See our OEM Honda parts collection to order. 

All new oil pan bolts are also included. 

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