KPower 86 Steel Flywheel

KPower 86 Steel Flywheel

KPower 86 Steel Flywheel

Regular price $ 525.00

Thanks to the dimensions of the K series crank and the 86 bellhousing and input shaft, we were able to design a flywheel that is much thinner than our other offerings, resulting in a flywheel that looks a lot like your typical lightweight OEM replacement. Our steel flywheel is designed for customers looking for a more refined feel for cars driven on the street. It weighs 14.5 pounds. 

Any factory style BRZ/FRS/86 clutch kit can be used with this flywheel. We recommend an OEM replacement clutch, or a Sachs Sport organic clutch for most applications.

It features a replaceable friction surface and requires K series manual transmission bolts, part number 90011-PNA-B00. 

If you'd prefer lightning quick revs and don't mind more aggressive street mannfers, check out our 9 pound aluminum flywheel. 

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