K24Z3 Miata Downpipe

K24Z3 Miata Downpipe

K24Z3 Miata Downpipe

Regular price $ 499.00

This 3" stainless downpipe comes standard in our larger K24Z3 swap packages. Like our headers, this downpipe crosses the exhaust to the driver side of the transmission tunnel so it can be routed in the factory location on the left side of the power plant frame. 

It's made of 304 stainless, and includes a cast elbow that bolts to the cylinder head exhaust port and smoothly transitions to a 3" pipe. The two piece design makes it easy to install. The oval section is used for the transmission crossover point so ground clearance is only reduced by 0.5". 

This downpipe kit includes a built in flex pipe, as well as all necessary gaskets, exhaust hanger grommet, and hardware. Four total O2 sensor bungs are also included to give you the choice of preferred sensor locations.

Note that the passenger side frame rail may need to be notched very slightly to allow for adequate clearance. 

Additionally, customers with a 6-speed transmission will need to trim a bit of the webbing underneath the transmission to allow the downpipe to sit up as high as possible. No modification is needed with a 5-speed transmission.


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