K24 Swap Oiling System for BMW E30, V2

K24 Swap Oiling System for BMW E30, V2
K24 Swap Oiling System for BMW E30, V2
K24 Swap Oiling System for BMW E30, V2
K24 Swap Oiling System for BMW E30, V2

K24 Swap Oiling System for BMW E30, V2

Regular price $ 1,099.00

Our Version 2 oiling system is now available! It features a V2 oil pump housing with our new O-ring bore seal, upgraded pickup hanger and screen, and .100" thick oil pan walls, and a 3/8" oil pan rail.

Due to current demand, please allow roughly 30 days for delivery.

One of the nicest parts of our K series E30 package is that it is truly bolt-in. Zero chassis modification is required. To accomplish this, we took the lead from BMW M and mimicked the M3 oil pan design by building a front sump oil pan that allows the factory E30 subframe and sway bar position to remain unmodified. 

Unlike other one-off Honda E30 engine swaps done in the past, we designed an oiling system that allows the engine to be located in the most rearward position in the engine bay for the best weight distribution possible. While this required more ingenuity and work on our end, compromise was not an option.

Our oil pan, pump adapter, and pickup tube is designed with the road racer in mind. We’ve tested our oiling system at race tracks across the Midwest and have seen consistent oil pressure in every scenario. 

Our pan holds seven quarts, and features baffles and two trap doors for proper oil control. The key component in this oiling system is a slightly modified version of our original K20 oil pump adapter. This piece is installed on a K20 oil pump (required for this swap) and allows the supplied pickup tube to replace the factory Honda pickup that would otherwise point right into the steering rack.

Best of all, the oil pan sits ABOVE the bottom of the subframe! No more smashed M20 or M42 oil pans thanks to this design.

Our pan also clears the stock K series A/C compressor.

Lastly, every joint in our pan is welded INSIDE AND OUT and also has a number of ribs pressed into the larger sheet metal sections of the pan. We’ve learned through experience that two double welds and the ribs are critical in eliminating harmonics that get amplified across large flat sections. Pans designed without these features will often fatigue over time and eventually crack near the welds. 

Download installation instructions here

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