K swap Idler Pulley and Tensioner Delete

K swap Idler Pulley and Tensioner Delete

K swap Idler Pulley and Tensioner Delete

Regular price $ 109.00

 This is our original belt solution that deletes A/C, power steering, and the OEM K series tensioner. Now thanks to our new KMiata intake manifold, the OEM auto tensioner and idler pulley can also be retained by using this belt only.

If you're using any other intake manifold or want to route your upper radiator hose under your intake manifold on your K24A2 swap, this kit is still your best solution.

The kit includes the following list of OEM, aftermarket, and custom parts:

  • 7 rib idler pulley
  • 7 rib belt (7PK1055)
  • A custom machined bearing collar
  • OEM Honda pulley bearing cover
  • Mounting bolt
  • Alternator spacers

Note that we supply you with the proper size belt for a USDM K24 crank pulley, K24 water pump, and K24 alternator. If you choose to run K20 pulleys, you'll need to source a different belt. The JDM K24 crank pulley is larger in diameter and does not work with the supplied belt. 

This kit is compatible with USDM water pump housings, alternators, and crank pulleys only. The JDM housings are different, so if using this kit on a JDM engine then you'll need to swap the housing and alternator.

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