Idle Air Control Valve Mounting Block

Idle Air Control Valve Mounting Block
Idle Air Control Valve Mounting Block

Idle Air Control Valve Mounting Block

Add new Honda IACV with gasket?
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If you've deleted your factory K series idle air control valve (IACV) due to clearance issues, you may notice that your engine idles very low on startup. This is common especially for customers living in colder climates. Sure, it goes away after a minute or two, but we now offer a remote IACV mounting block so your car idles like stock. This is especially nice for customers building street cars.

While our KPower RWD intake manifold has an IACV port built in, other manifolds do not have a provision for it.

Just use our IACV block with two ¼” NPT barbed hose fittings, The fittings included with the Skunk2 Ultra Street manifold are pictured, but do not come with this kit.

Run one hose into the intake manifold, and run the other into your intake piping. The IACV block can be mounted anywhere you like. It even can be bolted above or below the Skunk2 Ultra Street manifold to keep things simple.

We supply you with the aluminum IACV block,  four small mounting screws for an OEM Honda IACV, and two longer screws to mount it to your chassis. You supply the fittings you’d like to use, and the appropriate length hoses for your preferred setup.

This piece is designed to work with only the IACV from the 2003-2005 Honda Accord and 2003-2006 Honda Element, Honda part #16022-RAA-A01. It is not compatible with with an RSX IACV, but thankfully the Accord/Element part plugs directly into the RSX engine harness.

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