NA/NB Miata Electric Power Steering Kit

NA/NB Miata Electric Power Steering Kit

NA/NB Miata Electric Power Steering Kit

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As of February 2022, steering column core returns are no longer required for this product! 


  • Rebuilt EPS unit
  • Steering ECU
  • EPS Controller and harness
  • 60 Amp Maxi fuse
  • 10 Amp Mini ATM fuse
  • Repurposed Steering Column. Fits Mazda Miata NA and NB models
  • Misc bolts
  • Wiring and Installation instructions

This bolt-in Electric Power Steering (EPS) system is the cleanest and most reliable way to add power steering to a K swapped Miata, or any other modified Miata that can no longer run the factory hydraulic power steering.

This power steering module is installed underneath your NA or NB Miata dash and eliminates traditional hydraulic power steering components like pumps, lines, fluid, and reservoirs. The complete EPS system only weighs 22 pounds.

** New ** If you have an Exocet, we have special mods just for you. Let us know when placing your order.

Additionally, the steering feel of this EPS system is tunable to each user’s preference. Just mount the supplied adjustment knob on your dash and turn one way for lighter steering and the other way for a heavier feel.

Note: This product is guaranteed to fit all U.S. spec left hand drive (LHD) NA and NB Miatas. Due to Mazda's manufacturing differences and varying crash safety standards worldwide, we cannot guarantee that this product will fit all vehicles in all countries. Some modification may be needed for non U.S. spec vehicles, particularly those that are right hand drive (RHD). This product has been installed successfully on some RHD vehicles, but it is not guaranteed to work on every RHD vehicle.

We sell the US Miata NA column, not compatible with the EU Miata NA Ignition Lock. The exterior diameter measurement of the column we sell is 4.25cm or 1.66 inches column at the ignition lock 


Download installation instructions here

Installation video:

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