Haltech uC-10 Digital Dash

Haltech uC-10 Digital Dash
Haltech uC-10 Digital Dash
Haltech uC-10 Digital Dash

Haltech uC-10 Digital Dash

Regular price $ 1,995.00

With a crisp, clear and full-color display, the all-new Haltech uC-10 Display Dash is the latest in the business. The uC-10 is compatible with Haltech CAN, OBD2, and selected aftermarket ECU brands. It can also be wired in as a complete stand-alone unit. This versatility ensures that it can seamlessly integrate into a wide range of vehicles and setups. The uC-10 offers plenty of scope for sensors and other inputs in a stand-alone configuration or for use as an I/O expander in a Haltech environment.

  • Full-color, optically-bonded TFT screen
  • 70° minimum viewing angle (vertical and horizontal)
  • 1280 x 480 resolution, 600+ lumens
  • IP64 (Dust-tight and protected against water splashes)
  • 6-digit odometer
  • 512MB of on-board looped data logging
  • NSP compatible
  • 10 x user configurable AVIP's
  • 4 x user configurable DPO's
  • 4 x user configurable SPI's
  • 1 x dedicated Tacho Input
  • 1 x dedicated alternator excite
  • 2 x Ambient light sensors

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