Getrag Differential Upgrade by V8 Roadsters

Getrag Differential Upgrade by V8 Roadsters

Getrag Differential Upgrade by V8 Roadsters

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We've paired with V8 Roadsters for our go-to differential option when upgrading the Miata driveline with a BMW transmission. 

The Getrag carrier is widely used in many GM vehicles with a broad range of power outputs and applications. Its lightweight cast aluminum design utilizes a clutch-style limited-slip differential an assortment of ratios. The size of the carrier offers exhaust clearance for  3” and optimizes ground clearance. The unique design utilizes the factory hangers to support the carrier and custom front mount to eliminate twist and flex without relying on the subframe brace mounting points. This design allows the use of the factory and aftermarket braces and subframe connectors.

Stage 1 kits are suited for up to 500 hp builds and are designed to work with the factory hubs. Stage 2 ( 600hp) includes upgraded billet hubs and studs.

This kit includes:

-Rear differential mount

-Weld-on front mount plates

-Driveshaft Shop axles

-Billet rear hubs and ARP studs (stages 2)

PLEASE NOTE: axles are built to order. Lead times vary but typically run about 30 days.

Check out our differential buyer's guide to help find the right donor car and ratio for you.

Installation instructions can be downloaded here

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