Drag Cartel 3.2 Camshafts

Drag Cartel 3.2 Camshafts
Drag Cartel 3.2 Camshafts

Drag Cartel 3.2 Camshafts

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After years of high end race and dyno testing, Drag Cartel has released a line of 8620 steel billet camshafts that deliver the ultimate in high performance. Made from aerospace grade, 8620 steel billet material and CNC ground on state-of-the-art cam grinders, these DC cams deliver the utmost in rigidity at extended rpm range while reducing possible valve float. These are the best cams money can buy and are now available for all stages. The "K Series" is Honda's mass produced version of the roller rocker valve train assembly. Less friction, more rpm potential, faster action cam profiles...this engine has untapped potential.

For those looking to push the limits of their stock k24 blocks, the cartel 3.2 is the largest camshaft to be used in a stock block k24a2.  Although you will be limited on usable maximum VTC, the gains across the range are still substantial with a strong emphasis on top end gains in the higher rev range. Our in house testing has shown gains upwards of 10-15whp or more over stock cams. Supertech Valve Springs and retainers are required to run these cams. They can be found here: https://kpower.industries/collections/engine-internals/products/supertech-valvertrain-kit-dual-valve-spring-retainer-combo-sprk-h1021d

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