Gen4 HyperGate45 14psi (Black)

Gen4 HyperGate45 14psi (Black)
Gen4 HyperGate45 14psi (Black)
Gen4 HyperGate45 14psi (Black)
Gen4 HyperGate45 14psi (Black)

Gen4 HyperGate45 14psi (Black)

Regular price $ 389.95

IT’S BACK. The Gen4 CompGate40 and HyperGate45 have been approved for continuation and re-introduction at an all-new price!

Still Australian-made!
Still a rock-solid performer!
Still, hand assembled and individually tested before shipping!
One change – A price drop!

Turbosmart is proud to announce the product continuation, re-introduction and price drop of their Gen4 CompGate40 and HyperGate45 external wastegates. This re-introduction with reduced pricing will help those of you who need a lower-spec solution but still want that Australian-made, hand-tested quality you get from a manufacturer with over 25 years of experience!

The Gen4 HyperGate45 is a 4th Generation external wastegate packed with value, performance and reliability! If you need a 45mm external wastegate and don’t have motorsport in mind, this is the solution for you! Genuine street performer with good flow & heat characteristics, which is suitable for pump fuel and e85 applications

Features V-Band inlet & outlet to suit 44/46mm peer fitment
Unique locking collar design
Stainless Steel cast body & Aluminium actuator housing
It can be fitted with springs from 3 to 26psi
Solid piece Stainless Steel valve
Proprietary high-temp silicon Nomex diaphragm
Twin 1/16″ NPT reference ports

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