Exedy Stage 1 Clutch kit 1.8L Miata

Exedy Stage 1 Clutch kit 1.8L Miata

Exedy Stage 1 Clutch kit 1.8L Miata

Regular price $ 658.59

The Exedy stage 1 clutch is our current go-to option for an upgraded 1.8L Miata clutch to pair with your KMiata flywheel. We've moved to the Exedy clutch in 2023 due to the OEM level of tolerances used in their pressure plate.

Exedy manufacturers the OEM clutch that came in your Miata, so we trust them to supply us with clutches that meet tolerances that most aftermarket clutch manufacturers cannot meet. If you are using our hydraulic release bearing for your K24Z3 swap, this is the ONLY clutch we now support for that application.

Exedy racing clutches only use premium friction materials that are resistant to slippage and burst. Increased clamp loads give the necessary capacity to handle modified engines. Stage 1 uses organic material for street and track use, and pairs will with most mild K24 swaps.

Drivability is similar to the stock clutch. Pedal efforts will be slightly higher because of the higher clamp loads. All of the clutch discs have spring center dampers to reduce drivetrain shock.

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