Valve Covers for K24 powered NA Miatas

In an effort to bring our customers the most complete engine swap kit on the market, we're excited to release our new modified valve covers. 

Previously, all NA Miata owners with a K24 swap needed to cut a small hole in their hood, or swap to an aftermarket hood with more clearance. Our new valve covers provide a clean, attractive, and cost-effective solution to this problem.



The covers start as used cores sent in by other customers. First we machine the front edge of the cover in our CNC mill to the perfect profile that we can replicate every time. 


The cut goes down right to the timing chain guide to provide the most hood clearance possible. Next, a laser cut aluminum plate is added to the cover.

This is tig welded into place, and then the weld is ground smooth.

Once the fabrication work is complete, the covers are sent out to our powder coater. They are hot tanked to remove all dirt and grime, and then sand blasted to strip off the OEM paint. 

The wrinkle red or black coating provides a super durable finish that also blends in the welded section nicely into the rest of the cover. 

If you're K swapping your NA, be sure to pre-order a cover today. All details and options can be found here.