The K24 NC Swap Is Finally Coming!

You asked and we listened! For several years, NC owners have asked us to produce a KPower swap for the 2006-2015 MX5 chassis, and we're proud to say that this swap will be available soon! 

Previously, the common 2.5L swap was the go-to for the NC to replace the stock 2.0 power plant. However, cracking the 200whp threshold requires full bolt-ons and cams, as well as extremely high piston speeds, all packaged in an engine that doesn't like to rev past 7000rpm. 

The amount of 2.5L swapped customers contacting us begging for a K24 swap option was enough to push us into development, and we're sure glad we did. The end result is a 100% OEM-feeling package, with legendary K series performance and reliability. 220-230whp is common with stock K24A engines, with tons more performance available thanks to the amazing potential of the K platform.

The beauty of our K24 NC swap is the level of refinement we were able to bring to this chassis. Since the K24 is a similar shape to the factory 2.0 with the exhaust ports also on the passenger side, packaging and ease of installation is greatly improved over the NA and NB. 

Other highlights include:

  • The ability to retain the OEM K24 oil pump and balance shafts, as well as the stock steel oil pan. This is a first for a KPower swap, as our other product lines require a K20 pump with deleted balance shafts. The result of retaining the K24 pump is zero additional NVH over stock for customers looking for mild street manners. Racers still have the option of switching to a K20 pump.
  • As with our other Miata swaps, the native Miata transmission is used. We've designed a new adapter plate and lightweight flywheel that mates to the NC 5 or 6-speed, and uses an Exedy stage 1 NC clutch. 
  • Our engine mounts bolt to the factory NC engine mount pads, and the transmission mounts in the stock location in the PPF. This also factors in to the level of refinement that's achievable in the NC. Any upgraded NC mount can also be used.
  • Ground and hood clearances are both like stock. Our swap utilizes a V8 Roadsters tubular subframe to provide the necessary oil pan and pump clearance, and the oil pan sits nearly an inch above the bottom of the subframe. The factory hood closes while still retaining the sound deadening mat. The header and exhaust sit above the frame rails.
  • The factory NC power steering pump is adapted to the K24 block, allowing for the complete NC power steering system to be retained, including the hoses and reservoir. The amazing NC steering feel is unchanged.
  • Thanks to the Haltech Elite 1500 standalone ECU, all factory chassis functionality is retained thanks to the CAN protocols available from Haltech. 
  • Our KPower engine harness makes wiring a dream. It is 100% plug and play and seamlessly integrates the engine, chassis, and ECU. Zero splicing, and the entire harness is installed in the engine bay. The car can be wired in 10 minutes and nothing needs to be installed inside the cabin.
  • The Haltech ECU upgrade gives drivers tons of additional functionality, like tunable traction control, auto blip downshifts, and no lift shifting. We've incorporated the factory NC drive-by-wire throttle pedal and a large diameter drive-by-wire throttle body to make it all work together seamlessly.
  • Our legendary KPower intake manifold is used for the NC, along with an NC-specific cold air intake and high performance header.
  • A complete air conditioning kit will be available, and a 3" stainless race exhaust rounds out the list of options.

We started our project with a 100% stock chassis, down to the stock suspension, wheels, and exhaust. For the last couple weeks we've street driven the car to make sure we were satisfied with the the level of factory comfort we were able to achieve. 

The next step is adding a set of Ohlins shocks, 17x9.5 wheels, sticky tires, upgraded brakes, and race seats. October will be full of hard track testing and datalogging as we work out any kinks and make sure this package is 100% ready for production.

Our goal is to begin shipping complete KPower NC swaps in the first half of 2024. If you're interested, be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter and follow us on social media for more exciting updates!