KPower 86 Swap FAQs

Now that we’ve announced the exciting news of our K24 swap for the 86 chassis (Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, and Toyota 86), we’ve been flooded with great questions about the design of this swap package. 

Here are some of the most common questions we’ve received, along with some detailed answers:

What transmission is being used?

We feel that the right approach for this swap is to retain the factory 86 transmission. It’s capable of handling stock and built N/A engines, as well as mild boosted setups. The stock transmission shifts beautifully and is one of the highlights of the 86 driving experience. Since we design and machine our product in-house, we were able to design a new adapter plate specifically for this transmission, along with a custom flywheel and hydraulic release bearing to make it all work in harmony with the K24. 

In order to retain the stock transmission, it has been moved rearwards about 4” in the chassis, and has also been lowered in the tunnel for an improved center of gravity. Our swap package will include a custom rear transmission mount, shifter carrier, and driveshaft to accommodate the new transmission position.

We only have plans to offer support for the 86 manual transmission, and no parts will be built to adapt an automatic.

As we did with the Miata chassis, we’ll eventually produce a high horsepower transmission option for the 86.

What engine management is being used?

We are using a Haltech Elite 1500 to control all engine and chassis functions. The stock ECU is removed from the vehicle. Haltech supports the CAN protocols for the 86 which makes retaining factory functionality quite straightforward. It also supports drive by wire, so we are able to retain the factory throttle pedal and throttle body.

Will all factory options and CANbus functionality be retained?

Yes. Our standards on this swap are extremely high, so no compromises have been made. Everything works like factory, including the gauges, climate control, ABS, cruise control, traction control, and more. 

What does the wiring look like for this swap?

We’re taken the time to find the cleanest, most straightforward way to wire this vehicle, and the end result is fantastic. We have designed and produced our own motorsports grade plug and play engine wiring harness that connects directly to the factory 86 chassis harness.

Zero splices, no fishing wiring through the firewall, no dash removal, and no guesswork. Just plug in the harness and ECU and go.

Will you offer air conditioning and power steering components?

Yes. Our test car already has the factory K series A/C compressor and belt installed and wired. A/C lines will be built in the next few weeks and then mass produced as an option for our customers. 

Fortunately, the 86 has electric power steering, so nothing needs to be changed in the car for power steering to be retained. 

How is hood clearance?

Thanks to us pushing the engine and transmission as far back and as low as possible, the stock hood clears the K24 with zero modifications.

How about ground clearance?

Our entire swap fits above the factory undertray by an inch, so ground clearance is the same as stock.

What changes take place to the weight and balance of the vehicle without the factory FA20 boxer engine?

Fortunately for us, the K24 is significantly lighter than the FA20. We did a true back to back weight comparison before and after the swap. With the same exhaust system and all accessories and fluids, we are thrilled to report a whopping 140 lb. weight savings with this engine swap! Saving this kind of weight off the nose of the vehicle is certainly a welcome benefit.

We also expect improvements in the center of gravity of the drivetrain. Since the transmission has been moved back 4” and the engine crank centerline is about 2.5” lower than stock, drivetrain weight has not only been reduced but also pushed a good deal lower in the chassis. 

The improved positioning of the drivetrain combined with the massive weight savings has given us a better balanced chassis that should outperform a car with the original FA20 even before the added power is taken into consideration.

What kind of engine mounts are being used? 

In an effort to keep this modern vehicle well-mannered for street use, we’re using OEM rubber engine mounts, thus keeping vibration and noise to a minimum. For customers looking to build dedicated track cars, a stiffer engine mount will also be available. This is all a part of our no-compromise solution for this swap.

How easy will installation be?

One of the most exciting things about this engine swap is the ease of installation. Specifically:

  • No subframe removal or modification is required
  • No fabrication is needed
  • Wiring is 100% plug and play (no wiring diagrams or soldering)
  • No dashboard removal
  • No cutting or drilling of the transmission bellhousing
  • All hoses and clamps will be available, including those for fuel, radiator, A/C, and so on.

Like our other swaps, you can expect multiple packages to be available so customers looking for a straightforward N/A swap or a custom turbo build will have something that meets their needs.

Will you offer a header and exhaust?

Yes, since none of our current header offerings fit this chassis, we’ve designed our own header for this swap. This will be available once the rest of the swap package is available for sale.

While our header is designed to work with any current 3” 86 catback exhaust, we’ll also offer our own to complete the package.

Any plans to develop parts for boost?

Yes, we have a couple things in the works for those looking for off the shelf turbo and/or supercharger options. Keep an eye on our email newsletter and social media for updates. 

Will I be able to pass emissions with this swap?

That depends on the specific laws of your region. Since the standalone Haltech EMS may pose challenges for some customers, we’ll be working on an additional option to run these cars on stock ECUs as well.

Will you be doing turn-key installations?

Yes, as our company grows, we plan to complete a select number of turn-key installations each year. Expect more information about this later in 2021. We may also be able to refer you to a shop in your region that has experience with our products. 


When will parts be available for purchase?!

Parts will be available when we are 100% satisfied with the swap, and our test car has seen multiple days on on track, as well as extensive street testing. Our goal is to have parts in stock in the first half of 2021. 

Have questions that haven’t been answered here? Send an email to and we’ll be happy to help.