KMiata A/C Kit Update!

Since we received emails about this on a weekly basis, we're excited to share some news about our new air conditioning setup for the KMiata swap. 

Our white NB street car now has a 100% functioning A/C system!

Our A/C system uses a compact Sanden compressor, combined with our own bracket, belt tensioner, and a larger alternator pulley. Installation is very straightforward, and aside from the A/C lines connecting to the firewall, it's all neatly tucked out of sight. 

Best of all, this kit is compatible with all previous KMiata swap kits and can be easily added to any current or future swap.

Wiring is simple - one new plug connects to the ECU and three wires need to be spliced to the chassis harness. The Miata evaporator, condenser, dryer, fan, and relays are all retained. A/C functionality is just like stock and the ECU disengages the compressor clutch at wide open throttle. 

There is no official release date for the A/C components yet, so keep an eye out for more updates soon.

As always, email us at with any questions or comments.