High horsepower drivetrain development

We took a road trip and picked up this ‘01 NB back in November after spending a while hunting for a white NB2 with black interior. As you can see, we've already made some essential changes. This car’s primary goal is to be a street car, but it will see some track time here and there. The fun part is that this car is going to get a K series swap with BOOST. 

In order to do that, we'll be developing a new transmission option that can handle all the horsepower and torque you can throw at it. 

The engine will be a stock K20Z1 (05-06 RSX Type S) engine, and we're shooting for about 500whp. 

We've already installed:

  • SuperMiata XIDA coilovers
  • Blackbird Fabworx roll bar
  • Lotus Elise seats on custom brackets
  • V8 Roadsters 13/16" clutch master cylinder kit
  • And we already have a mystery transmission bolted in place
  • A GM Getrag diff with LSD has already been sourced, but not installed

Check back soon for updates.