K Series RWD Turbo Manifold

K Series RWD Turbo Manifold
K Series RWD Turbo Manifold
K Series RWD Turbo Manifold
K Series RWD Turbo Manifold

K Series RWD Turbo Manifold

Select internal or external wastegate
Regular price $ 1,149.00

Please allow 30 days for delivery as these manifolds are currently built to order

After over two years of testing over thousands of miles and many days on track, we're finally offering our turbo manifold for sale.

Built of SCH 40 stainless piping, It bolts directly to any K20A or K24A cylinder head, and mates up to a turbine inlet flange from a Garrett GT or GTX30/35, or a Garrett G25-550/660. 

For customers preferring an external wastegate, we offer an optional wastegate flange for a Turbosmart 45mm unit. 

At this time, no other turbo options are available. We do not offer an external wastegate option for the G series turbos, only the GT or GTX. 

If you're looking to take your KMiata to the next level, use our proven manifold as the center of your turbo project. These engines easily make 400-500+whp reliably on stock blocks, and the sky is the limit with a built engine.

For years of reliable performance, your downpipe must include a lower mounting bracket and flex coupler. Due to the high output of a turbo K series, plan on pairing this manifold with one of our BMW transmission options and routing the exhaust down the passenger side of the transmission tunnel.



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