K20A2 Style Upper Coolant Neck

K20A2 Style Upper Coolant Neck

K20A2 Style Upper Coolant Neck

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This upper coolant neck, created by our friends at Tractuff, is a fantastic solution for our customers using a K20A2 style head with their swaps.

If you’re familiar with the K series heads, you know that once you rotate the engine to fit in the Miata bay, the upper coolant neck sticks straight into the firewall. While there are other products on the market that allow you to redirect the neck parallel to the firewall, this piece is our recommendation.

Tractuff built this piece to accept the OEM gasket. Thanks to this, it can be easily removed and re-installed without applying Hondabond each time. No leaks, and an OEM fit.

Depending on your preference, we’ll include a 1.25” barbed radiator hose fitting, or a -16 AN fitting, so you can build the rest of your cooling setup any way you’d like.

You’ll need to add a ⅜” NPT barbed hose fitting to connect back to your thermostat housing, like the OEM piece you’ll be removing.

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